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Ways to Show You Care other than Share Your Hair

Everyone may not be able to Share their Hair, but this does not mean you can not still show you care.  We have options to meet everyone's needs.  Below you will see our most popular ways to assist with our Mission.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us at  We appreciate all of your help!

Become a Participating Salon or BarberShop

In order for the hair prosthetic hair pieces to be manufactured we need to receive hair donations.  By becoming a participating salon or barbershop you will assist SYH with spreading our mission and collecting the hair needed to do so.  

Place a donation box in your location or sponsor a box to be placed in one our participating retail stores.  

Our donation boxes are placed strategically at our participating salons, barbershops, retail stores, grocers, and high schools.  You have an option to either place a donation box at your location or purchase one for $10 and we will place it for you.  

Fun & Funky "Flocks of Socks" Drive

While children and women are receiving chemotherapy their hands and feet become cold & clammy.  We've partnered with hospitals across the nation to gift the socks we've fund raised at injection sites and put a smile back on their faces when at hospital.  

Donate MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Each hair prosthetic costs anywhere from 5 to 8,000 dollars depending on length and texture of hair.  Your monetary donations will be used for the manufacturing of hair prosthetics and delivery to recipients.  


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